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We wonder if Aunt Flo looks something like this.

It’s that time in our life we have to bid farewell to Aunt Flo. She has flown south for the winter and will no longer be visiting.  Boo-hoo, we loved that crazy fool. Yes, a little high maintenance with a lot of baggage, but we did break bread together once a month which meant a decent good-bye was in order. Instead, she blew out of town without a whisper. Damn if she didn’t take my egg supply with her; she’s been robbing me of those since my late 30s.

I always promised myself that when the time came to, well, to kiss Aunt Flo good-bye, I would be prepared. I’ve had 50 years to read up for God’s sake! I wanted to be educated before the night sweats and hot flashes arrived...

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