Let your numbers be your guide!

I don’t always know my checking account balance or my FICO score, but I do pay close attention to my ‘other’ numbers…blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and a few others. These are super important numbers and all of them are based on how well I perform! Ha, ha, it’s true. Eat and live well and your physical numbers will be great. Spend well, save well, and well… you get the point. We doctorcartoonalso have to be our own health advocate! When they take your blood pressure, ask what the numbers are!  Silence is no longer acceptable by the ‘blood pressure takers’ — give us our numbers! Speak up and track your OWN body’s progress — even if it’s in good shape. Know how you are trending, year after year, during stress, during happiness and during calm. You are the only one to truly know your body! You’ll be happy you did especially if you are on a journey to lose weight, eat better, or look better!

It’s a good feeling to be in the driver’s seat with your OWN personal set of numbers – they belong to YOU.

…There are 6 body numbers that you should know at all times! (1) blood pressure, (2) waist size, (3) weight, (4) cholesterol, (5) fasting blood sugar

But I am going to help you understand which numbers are important to know! The following are Dr. Oz approved!

(1) Blood pressure — I notice that every time I go to the doctor’s office, they take my blood pressure. Rarely do they announce it out loud. I can assume I’m OK, but it doesn’t help us get up close and involved with our own numbers! I want to know trends with my numbers, but we must be our own advocate and ask for our numbers at all times.
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