Living life out on the social stage

When I think about getting older I often think about my Dad who will be 79 in a few months. He’s a bit of a Jack Lalanne type. Spends much of his time working out at the gym, walking on the beach and playing his horn. Recently he said, “I play pool with guys that are in their 50s. And by the way, they aren’t so 50s fab.” This made me laugh. “They are more like 50s-flabby, dad-lowresflubby, farty, and frustrated. Then he asks..”what’s wrong with your generation?”
I had to stop and think about this. Then I pulled up Facebook and I saw my answers…the big reveal! Clarification in all forms and flavors. A cavalcade of aches, pains, trials and tribulations, begging for my attention – waiting for a ‘like’, a comment, anything. Is this what we have become? And these are people I know and love, or used to know, and used to love, now it seems some are a scant image of their old self. And their cry isn’t good reading. It chimes of loneliness cying out to social media for someone to take a listen, take an interest…on a stage that’s right at their fingertips. I don’t remember these guys as complainers. And I don’t like seeing old school chums and family friends..asking for attention…using their ‘wall’ to evoke a little controversy…enough, really.
Why load everyone up with this? Seems we have enough drama and stupidity circulating our lives for God’s sakes… it’s not very cool, and not too “social” either… it’s just one big drag for readers. Somehow I am not feeling too social right now. Maybe I’ve been too sour and not checked in enough with friends that need a little love. Maybe I need redo the way I see things and lighten up a bit.
Turns out my Dad Joe was onto something. Not a guy that notices and comments on too much of life’s upside-down idiosyncrasies but his perspective of our generation is pretty right on. It’s amazing to have your dad alive and well and commenting on stuff that makes you stop and take a listen. Thanks Dad…always teaching.

Those 50-something rebels


Our parents used to shake their heads and say…”time sure does go by fast”. Looking back now, it seems they were concerned about getting older! Deep inside our young, supple, naiveté minds, we could not imagine mom and dad worrying about something like aging. Seems their fairly young bodies were slowly morphing into eyebrow-raising, chunky monkey mounds of flesh, hiding out quietly under clothes that kept getting tighter.

elder pensive at the mirrorUGH…let’s not make it a big deal, though… it’s just that being in your 50s means we need to accept that things are going to be different or will become different…from this point on — and we have to be good with it. We have to know that the things we once laughed and smirked at, may soon be us.
We have to know that it’s OK to talk about social security, retirement, great grandkids and ‘old people dating’ sites. We are OK with being called Grandma, and it’s no big deal to hang out exclusively with an older crowd, after all, they get you — for God’s sakes, it’s a free country anyway and bingo is still legal!
And keeping up with technology isn’t that important for us – let the young ones take care of that! Their brains are far fresher than ours.

On the flip side, I cannot help but think there is STILL a gray area for some of us. Take a few 50-something rebels I happen to know. They prefer things their way! They handle “getting older” kicking and screaming. You know who they are – those super friends and colleagues who eat healthy, are busy learning new software, redoing their website, taking up cross-fit or Zumba-ing their asses off, maybe they’ve taken a new lover – OR they are simply just getting out there living life in all their glorious 50-something style. I love being a rebel and I love hanging out with rebel people who have not acquiesced, who continuously show me how THEY do it, how they live life awesomely to the fullest, in spite of a bad day, a few gray hairs, or a swollen joint.

I tell myself all the time…keep your mind and your options open, the party is barely getting started…ha ha, just ask my super busy friends…the rebels!
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A 50-something rebel doing what she does best.

Spotted! A 50-something rebel doing her thing.