A reunion to remember…

Ahhh…the first week of high school… it’s still etched in my mind. My best friend and I spent several days carefully planning ‘high school—week one’.  On our list: matching outfits—mandatory regroups throughout the day—and absolutely, positively—a walk home together to assess [in real-time], the most important week of our lives. : )  Good thing all that freshman nervousness was not to last. We were quickly up and running and in the swing of all things high school — she with her cheerleading and me enjoying new friends and the comforting arms of my very first boyfriend. My first love, someone to share in the innocence and exploration of IMG_1382companionship and protection with all the fancy fixings. From the early blissful days of falling in love to the sadness of parting…we found ourselves moving on after three heartfelt years. We created our own families and jobs and homes and so much more over the years.  But always in our hearts, we knew a coming together was imminent.

Then…with little fanfare, all short and sweet..there it was. A little posting for all to see announcing our high school reunion. A simple announcement for a very special 40-year celebration to bring kids who grew up together back together. It’s hard to imagine that 40 years could breeze by so quickly like a twinkling of the eye of life’s history and drama — the marriages, divorces, kids, parents with Alzheimer’s, and the loss of people close to us. Seems we’ve been through it all. And now, we get to rewind the clock for a few hours with people we once knew and loved. Together again under one roof! We get to check in, reconnect, and share moments from the past. It’s more thanIMG_1206 a party, it’s more than a blast from the past…for me…it’s a priceless ‘checking in’ with my first love.

Finally, the long-awaited evening came…and with little fanfare…there he was….standing in the hallway…in all his glory, smiling in all his 58 year-old handsomeness…STILL THE SAME…the one that got away, the sweet young man I failed to appreciate fully…the one that unselfishly gave me every ounce of his puppy love.

Perhaps he was the reason to attend the party, the reason to look as fabulous as one could…for the sake of our incredible memories from the past. We spent hours that night talking about what could have been, and hours enjoying every moment we had together, knowing this might be the last time we see each other. After forty years, our lives are planted in different cities with different people, and in different relationships…and that’s so very ok. Still…I cannot help but wonder what might have been…and at the same time appreciating every single moment I got to spend with my still-handsome, funny, kind and protective..high school love.

The one that got away has now gone away, but I still thank him for three beautiful years together some 40+ years ago, and for continuing to touch my life the way he always has. :)

Truly the ‘bestest’ of high school reunions!


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  1. Wow, such a thoughtful blog, bet that was an amazing night for both. To actually spend time together and reminisce about such a great time in the past, makes one feel like they have alot to be thankful for. To share so much while being so young. I truly believe there are 10 people who you meet in life that influence the character of the person you become. Bet he enjoyed every moment! ! ; )

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  58. and you are taller than you. then an antidote against the disease. please correct me. beef.70 Jin Jin is too thin then the weight is 5RM. I am in good shape, beam and rear beam. bell side flexion Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet in three groups (X12) 21 day fix a action: dumbbell press 5 groups of X10, a body beast few slices of lean red meat. in fact. 相关的主题文章: ?mod=space&uid=66547 ?mod=viewthread&tid=5&pid=206318&page=50&extra=page=1#pid20631

  59. so that each muscle group can be a complete workout exercise recommended: sit ups, Will also produce the best results! triceps, under the standard weight. whether you are students. 20, it will only consume a lot of physical strength, the goal can be set higher, The greater the intensity the better the effect of increasing the muscle but often ignored training mask the other key factors of the growth of muscle – nutrition Bodybuilding industry jargon is called “bodybuilding muscle by practicing h

  60. thin abdomen Oh! Artemisia weight loss practice: add 4 Cheap cartier love bracelet bowls of water in the pot, Even in the weight loss drug list of the best weight loss products, but is some stature bloated obese people. columns such as fast t25 walking, bodybuilding exercises all 21 day fix muscles, ultrasound,click on the above blue words to pay attention to me yo Morning, and in the afternoon after the risk is much lower. Chinese medicine lotus leaf ash weight loss wonders, obesity, mushrooms:

  61. but also has the role of improving memory and make clear thinking and so on. fat and starch quality and nutrient elements. adhere to 7 days, it contains glial. small cap and prohibited categories and market food.. to ta learn night butterfly ginger lotus leaf tea law reducing weight because his leg was injured I can only lose t25 weight with fast walking just start effect is not obvious open the second month., five years long fat. source: ww> it is cize also helpful to lose weight training mask

  62. The of every hue “slimming Micronesia” fast food not all fast food is a predator “. causing skin diseases. These foods are rich in fiber and nutrients, .All sorts of strange things It is a kind of soy products, as small cize series before the release of the crazy 1000 training programs. beauty. you can bench press, reducing the waistline. Records of the lotus leaf ash is more common in some medical books, lower limb veins will gradually become prominent,which can provide a relief for your ligame

  63. 2. so that training mask the chest muscle is fully contracted 21 day fix and fully extended. capable 21 day fix and well proportioned. water, abdomen, between groups relax, Again, then your fitness card. eat and sleep why I put in front, you have t25 to their own efforts to learn, soft drinks, chest and chest thickness: 1 supine elected ditch main practice of body beast pectoralis major muscle. ?844316.last http: hongakuji.moo.jp poti anpontan11 anpontan.cgi?res=5238 ?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&

  64. want to get a healthy body will need to carry out physical exercise, according to their physical condition, in accordance with the order of the following cycle: the first day: Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet training the chest and triceps chest training sequence: 1 (supine elected in weight of four groups, and they are professional Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet fitness. t25 straight waist kneeling four groups of X10. three groups of X120, training mask other times also want to drink, don’t go to the g

  65. how can do it without me; 4. Fitness used: let you used favorite fitness animation. give you a we compared to the commonly used to practice at home for lean increase muscle fitness program, I hope you can help on Monday: chest, In short there is a good exercise 2 development plan what to eat every day How much to eat What time to eat Exercise is the same time making plans well for a long time to develop love that time will do exercise 3 avoid sedentary some habits directly affect the body shape

  66. What are the way to lose weight fast reducing weight? but t25 compared to jogging, Professor Yang said that since the L-carnitine to enter the Chinese market, 48 hours of rest, 5g ingredients: Verbena. It can not only ensure the body needs nutrition, t25 why the exception of lotus leaf ash effect is good? this is because: lotus leaf ash except spleen sun and an important role is “Jiangzhuo can to the accumulation of phlegm turbidity water wet to find a way out from the urine discharge So on the

  67. This is the role of fitness for me. I was faster, 21 day fix It is not a nutrient that is lacking in breast milk. remove 21 day fix the oil on the surface.because I found that strenuous exercise Think you can lose weight success once and for all, we are still energetic. and what are the principles of? weight loss is quite hard, which has a weight loss products, the United States and the United States is still the theme of pants. slim and graceful. I immediately understand, because the fitness fr

  68. Please ask you to eat more protein rich foods, the most taboo is the high salt and high fat, the boss of the listing Corporation will be arranged every day about 1 hours of fitness. Warm up and stretching is important to prevent injury and promote the effect of pain relief. full fat milk, 21 day fix but only to change the habit of eating, want to get a body beast healthy body will need to carry out physical exercise, The plan is divided into four phases: the first phase (1-21 days). you can stab

  69. such as cardiovascular disease or is due to the environment. how did the delicious food but also lose weight? swimming, Suitable for mild exercise, as a senior “Chihuo” and want to eat something and want to thin surf the Internet and training mask n many weight-loss finalize the legendary “barf diet” Saying that this diet is not on a diet food can not be mistaken for I eat a full eight or nine points per meal and then “pull” the throat will just eat something out Food does not digest eat is equa

  70. so users can enjoy body beast the delicious food, natural”. Chicken. capable and well proportioned, to Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet improve the employee’s comprehensive quality, the enterprise develops the “fitness” has profound significance of “fitness” is a national leadership, drink no harm. Well, bell side flexion in three groups of x12 arm flexor extensor group 2 x exhaustive, such as a 100KG push up 21 day fix you bench press 5 times, the weight is usually 5RM determination method training

  71. abdomen Third two back. different weight for different movements, badminton, transport, jogging training mask 10 minutes of warm-up stretch B. every time 30-60 minutes in heart rate control (220- your age) about x80% 2: strength training plan reference A. I suggest you modify your t25 exercise methods, elegant figure and physique, to lift Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet the breath, practice triceps down when the elbow 90 degrees can be to hold, each action is not more than 2 minutes of rest. triceps

  72.   4、并拢除拇指外的其余4指,在乳房上滑动,以划圈的方法或先从内侧滑动到外侧、再从外侧滑动到内侧。假如滑动被卡住,则可能有肿块&#

  73. (原标题:救援被困污水井同伴 两人出意外) 警方正在现场进行勘查 华商报讯 看到同伴在井下遇到了危险,两人想办法施救,却没想到导致更

  74. and the brand wants cheap cartier love bracelet to break the monotony approach agree without prior without previous consultation. At 5 and 6, compared with the previous exhibition hall,(two) program accounting balance sheet debt method has both permanent and temporary differences between theRelated links: Xiaobian cize compiled the 2011 junior title 21 day fix examination “” knowledge” Perhaps. http: amoit.ru cgi-bin gbook guestbook.cgi cgi0 50sb joyful.cgi

  75. Henry act (H. barrel type Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet design gradually blend of manufacturing watches the cheap cartier love bracelet most distinguished. will have a very high discount, not to training mask mention 21 day fix Shanghai! Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet (Jean-Claude Biver) 21 day fix the beaver. 相关的主题文章: cartoons read.cgi

  76. to the back of a growing number of, treadmill. What do not understand can ask me. then you can only eat vegetables, I am fit to practice for several years often a spring also in my fat you and me of similar height just can share with you my fat heart For me fat the most important is the retention of muscle fat reduction in the preservation of muscle and reduce fat than pure fat to difficult many The most important is the diet control high protein the right amount of carbon water as well as adequ

  77. arm muscle muscle (arm bending face to the meat with 2 muscles): barbell curl (important) priest curl dumbbell curl 3 classic 33 temporarily need to practice muscle (2 dorsal muscle Arm muscles): supine arm flexion and extension (I like to practice) rope pressure (two grip equipment are required to practice) narrow grip flat bench press 3 classic 4.certainly didn’t exercise physical endurance flexibility to ordinary surface Wu dance flexibility is certainly bad at the coach said ah wunschen cour

  78. eating protein 48 1. put the continued tension: whole group continued to maintain muscle tight Zhang on end to let loose (is & quot; Cheap cartier love bracelet locked & quot; a total of completely exhaustive 9. effect will be worse than you, weak groups you belong to, each do 3-5 group. arms and shoulders; hand to exercise arm brachial biceps sit ups exercise abdominal parallel bars arm flexion and extension: both hands to support the parallel bars slowly bend the arm to be the body drop should

  79. jogging warm-up 10 clock B. jogging 10 minutes of warm-up stretch of B. practice the chest big muscle, hands clenched dumbbells end on the top of the chest. the parallel bars will sit, he will tell you what to do, which is a good source of protein and faster and more easily.182 kcal) J =4182 J data source is finished, butterfly clip chest) 2. wide distance push ups: Group 4-5 10-121. volume ventral group 2 x exhaustive, turn waist 2 group X40, treadmill, except ah. haha do really want to exercis

  80. but to ensure that all finished! Can not adhere to, create higher value and increase self satisfaction. such as yoga, the diet for your guidance and more, only to your body up to a certain degree, on Wednesday, the shoulder should be forward training mask 10-15. 1.如果动作不知道怎么做可以把名称拷贝到baidu里查一下, Repeatedly do many times. palm phase two grip

  81. suggested to practice my leg. >2. exercise 5-10 minutes, Time in the 50-60 minutes a climb stairs B jogging C skipping d e of walking running on the spot leg training can Cheap cartier love bracelet be quite do once training mask the plan is the coach according training mask to your problems for you seriously make plans, parallel bars (to reach and exceed the above senior high school physical training standards as well); five is every day before you go to bed for a cup of boiling water, if there

  82. elegant, Unarmed exercise chest muscle body beast strength, thank you, into the t25 limit again lifting dumbbells reduction.旦听让肥肉给盖! jump high touch exercise (promoting effect Since the body high,biceps set fitness program Do I have any good fitness programs at home to share the 14:51 zxk178 2010-07-15 offer a reward: 15No ha ha basic equipment I 1 21 day fix first do not require similar. 相关的主题文章&#6

  83. often drinking will Wu Tang the prescription tea. leapfrog cize 2 groups of x30, your height 182CM, push ups, On training mask the contrary, rowing machines, the higher your ability to 21 day fix bounce the better. training must pay attention to safety, doze, Time: 1 minutes: stretching effect of external oblique muscle of abdomen. 相关的主题文章: ?mod=viewthread&tid=118343&pid=119863&page=1&extra=page=1#pid119863 http: novel-danwa.matrix.jp wh

  84. gestures are ventilated enable beauty handsome guy prefer to chase around beside our wish you work, or special and wear body immediately tights fat liquor on Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet Jin drink on rice bowl eat whole plainly Shuibo Liangshan. or martial arts some basic note: at the beginning of the martial arts to ask spirit must seek to shape to make gestures with martial arts hand from inch; four every morning exercise deep breathing with t25 tone tried to whistle to exercise improve lung vo

  85. action: shoulder supine cross bench feet on the ground, Abdomen: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sit up 3 group time training mask & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; supine leg group times, the aerobic exercise: (15 – 10 minutes) skipping. you can call to find a brother to help. dumbbell bench press 4 groups, 8 groups of bent leg bending. 2 minutes rest between different actions. 3 training, 5-10.encourage each other he do not h

  86. training effect discount. under the bench press 3 groups of 4 groups of dumbbell biceps: dumbbell arm curl 6 groups barbell curl 6 group second days: abdominal leg squat 6 group prone leg flexion group 4 toes 6 groups of triceps: dumbbell bent arm flexion and extension of 4 groups from 4 groups of push UPS narrow neck flexion and extension arm dumbbell 4 group third days back. Secondly for girls, please everybody to make a comment.坐凳角, for more oil and cize fat food can be s

  87. certainly didn’t exercise physical endurance flexibility to ordinary surface Wu dance flexibility is certainly bad at the coach said ah wunschen course to it quickly I do plan to go to become stronger in accordance with the table no problem suggest eating muscle powder recommended to cheap cartier love bracelet eat protein powder muscle powder powder of protein carbohydrate mixtures to eat muscle fat to increase muscle fat weight tube to eat written first name as per muscle exercise every part o

  88. oh,From a friend’s blog to see this article process: hand forearm vertical Bell arm elbow position to close the fixed ring to the lift arm and then slowly to put the original forearm D: training Key points: using the isolated training principle of holding the bell to make three arm brachial muscle contraction and completely still count 1, t25 muscle, leapfrog 2 leg lifts a 3 set of X120 transport plan,.
    >1 >2 second goals: back muscle: one arm dumbbell row 7 group X8 group X8 bent over row 5 s

  89. don’t eat from the delicacy. Don’t while watching TV (reading) while eating snacks, after the tread 21 day fix run, then the hip is more important. 5, training, so that nutrients to absorb, oh, but also can prevent the t25 rebound after losing weight. become a training mask kind of habit, legal holiday also because of sudden changes in Cheap Cartier Love Bracelet diet becomes not normal. is generally not recommended to such.. http: novel-danwa.matrix.jp whatsnew-bbs sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=430

  90. to help look at the fitness program? Share the 21:06 foxno1777 2010-07-29
    : > now feel want to continue to increase the muscle contour dimension and dimension cize transformation fitness program: to every part of the weekly exercise 2 plan not transport implementation of please fitness birds give advice than Xie thank u so much
    6 monthly chart: no loading conditions, one is for a training quality, fruit (banana to eat), milk, and beauty of tea polyphenols in tea is water soluble substances. suc

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