Get your skin glowing again, seriously.

Growing up, we knew that going to the beach meant getting a golden tan. Even if it nerium-2bottleincluded getting a little burnt, we often held off on the suntan lotion. It wasn’t such a good strategy, but we wanted a tan really really bad, so we took advantage of the moment. So bask we did, at the pool, at the beach, and in our own backyard. Now that we are smarter, we know our skin is a reflection of those years, so yeah, we had no choice but to get super careful!

Although a bit of a pessimist, I stumbled upon a skin care line called Nerium. I like to think of it as a minimalist type of product because there are only three products in the entire suite! It’s not sold in the stores, so it’s more MLM style, with a, ‘Avon/Melalueca’-styled sales person who guides you through the initial experiment of trying it out. She actually gave me a bottle to try out for a week. She said, your face will feel so soft, and I thought, I think my skin is already soft…but wow! It’s really soft, and suddenly I starting touching it during the day! I stopped using my pile of other skin products (retinA, eye gels, and other crappola) and now just use the day cream and the night cream. It’s strange not to have an entire program of using a million products. I love the ingredients, mostly peptides and antioxidants. I like that.

That was a few weeks ago and now I am a junkie. It’s really simple, and I decided to be a ‘brand partner’ sales person so I could get a discount and turn my friends onto this truly spectacular skin care line. It’s so very worth checking out, and trying on your own.

I say go for it, and don’t ask questions. You’re gonna like it!

If you want to buy it or OR try it, click here to contact me, I’ll help you out.

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