It’s OK to cheat!

Permission to cheat of the sexual/relationship kind, nah. I’m actually talking about the secret land of online Facebook board gaming (bwwaaahaha)…more specifically, Scrabble. Yeah – the old fashioned board game the family used to play has lit the internet on fire. They say it’s one of 2012’s most notable addictions, next to prescription meds and medical marijuana. Ha, ha, little exaggeration true – but no doubt it belongs to a higher ranking of current non-sensical things in America gone out of control.
And true to form, while getting a pedicure recently, I ‘friended’ a total stranger who sat next to me solely for the purposes of satisfying her Scrabble addiction. She sniffed me out seeing the iPhone in my hand, stared down my game and asked if I would play with her by “friending” her on Facebook. “YES”, Miss Who-ever-you-are, of course I’ll make you my friend if it means a new game! I’m like you! A sucker and a slave for Scrabble as long as it doesn’t mean sitting down with a flat board, an egg timer and hot chocolate. I’m a girl on the go!
Most of my real friends “don’t have time” for Scrabble it seems, so I’ll take willing strangers if need be in the name of the competitive juices I love (lol). I’ve turned from wide-eyed innocent, to a crazed monster who often makes plays at a red light intersection.

If its one thing I’ve learned though my Scrabble plays on my iPhone, is that people who play the game cheat. And I have now transitioned my thinking from “that’s bad” to “it’s OK.” Once insulted by a relative who accused me of cheating, I am now appreciative of any tool that helps me win. And I am NOT alone.
It takes a whole lot more than knowing high-earning point words like QI, ZA, XI, even if you are a word aficionado, and I am.  But when you are really truly stuck, tapping into a Scrabble-cheat website, isn’t such a big deal. I don’t care if my opponent cheats, it doesn’t matter because the goal is to score points using strategy, which is far more important than a string of words that we have never heard of. I remember them and use them from that point on. So go on, cheat a little, it’s a game for goodness sakes.


One thought on “It’s OK to cheat!

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