Four things you should never do in an interview.

Hello…why are some people so horrible at job interviews? Really, would a hour of planning and preparing really kill? Is it because you are so awesome that you think it’ll just flow naturally? Well, sadly, it doesn’t really work that way and if you truly want to avoid screwing up an opportunity, read on to learn some of the things some people are doing to “not” get the job.

With lots of love to all the young people – you are the WORST offenders!  Which is weird because your separation time from college is less, so you should be fresher and smarter, but instead you behave otherwise.  I know, I know, not all of you, but enough to warrant a mention. Meanwhile…here are some things you should NEVER DO when responding to, interviewing for, or following up on an important interview:

1. Acting unprofessional. Even if the posting comes from Craigslist, don’t think you can let your hair down by showing your coolness. Do not respond with stupid words like “I’m interested!” or “Sounds great!”, and then hope someone calls. If you are responding to a graphic designer position for example, you don’t need to convince them how hip you are. Know your audience – if the company is a professional agency or organization, show your most conservative designs, not monster truck ads.
2. Don’t sound depressed if someone calls you to talk about the open position. Step up your positive attitude and let the best of you shine!
3. Never ignore important facts or “must haves” about the position. Don’t make people spend all their time searching your resume/cover letter for a matching skillset. Front and center, your cover letter should SPEAK to the important parts of the JOB listing. If you identify yourself with the needed expertise, you will get a positive reaction, and then a positive call as well from the recruiter! Duh!
4. Ignoring a “follow up” call or email. Whatever way you do it, thanking the interviewer personally with just a few words makes a difference. Send a card, drop an email, either way will be appreciated (always make it short and sweet!)

DO go to the book store and pick up the latest job interview books, they will help you come down to earth and guaranteed to teach you new behaviors to help you GET THE JOB! Good luck!! : )

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