I love football

Football is back! Hooray! I love me some football.

As a single 50-something woman weaving her way through the dating world, I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting those “introduction” questions from the fellers. I realize it’s just a matter of time before sports sneaks its way into the conversation. Guys cannot resist.

“Hello there, do you like football?” “Wow, you’re cute, do you like football?”  “We finally meet! So, do you like football?”

Of course, I LIKE football, so my answer is yes! It’s the only logical, reasonable response by the way. At a time when two people are busy checking each other out, trying to get the other to like them — YES, is a promising response.

Regardless of your answer, what the guys don’t know, is that women on their own accord — don’t really love football. Yes, it’s true, please don’t shake your head.

The proof is in the pudding. Football-lovin’ women wear football clothing to celebrate their love of the game (logo t-shirts, visors, windbreakers, and team hoodies). Football gals have their gal pals over regularly to watch the game. You may also see team stickers and pennants around their house (next to the candles), and they may don a team flag or bumper sticker on their car along with a cute lawn flag of their favorite team.

You should know, however — it’s OK if you don’t like football, and its also OK to “act” like you do or fake it for them. As Charlie Sheen said (more than once), pretend you care.
Know that you can always claim (later on) if the relationship gets serious that you believe football has changed, your favorite players are gone and you no longer love the game the way you once did, maybe because of the commercialism of the game. (Ha — this explanation may allow you to go shopping instead — with a clear conscience.)

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