Drive fast or fly low?

Damn it, I sure do waste a lot of time sitting on the freeway. Not literally, but I do twiddle my thumbs way too much while stuck in traffic. One thing I’ve realized is that there can be an upside to such periods of dead time. In fact, the inside of my red SUV appears to be a perfect setting for a little extra thinking. Why not spend the time inventing, scheming, dreaming, planning, organizing, consolidating, and projecting?  That’s right… new minutes to sort shit out.

Unfortunately, my most recent attempt to deep think in traffic didn’t go beyond the front seat. I couldn’t help but wonder who in the hell designed the inside of this vehicle? There are no hooks to hang my purse, which would come in handy after a slam on the brakes moment where purse flies forward and everything in it hits the floorboard. Also, why such a teeny rear-view mirror? We need room; we need more mirrors dear car designers. And the glove box has a stupid name. And why not make seats that fit babies and dogs better.

By far, the worst of the worst of vehicle design offenses is the
speedometer and odometer. I don’t know the difference between the two
actually, but last I checked cops write tickets for driving faster than 65 mph in CA. Even the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( shows 75 as the highest speed limit.

So, what the heck? No offense, but what dumb-ass would make a car that goes 180 when you can’t drive over 70?

Never mind unsecured purses, not enough make-up mirrors, uncomfortable babies and dogs flying out windows. I think it’s time we got some answers from the gentlemen in Detroit China, looks like they need to hear from the people that notice stupid stuff inside their cars when sitting in traffic.

Happy freeway travels.

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