How better is your phone?

Well, it’s happened. I force-lumped myself into a heap of people who love to brag and compare their cell phones. A little obnoxious, I know, but lately, it seems everyone else’s phone is better than everyone else’s, and I’ve let it get the best of me.
Truth is, it’s their “choice” of phone that is the awesome part and real key point. None of us actually built the iPhone, Galaxy or Droid, it’s our selection of said equipment that we protect like a mama bear. So, if we didn’t ‘make‘ them, then why are we such authorities on them and unable to shut up about how good they are vs. all the other phones? (Self included.)

Case in point, recently I caught myself doing an impromptu blathering about my phone for no reason other than wanting it known that mine was better, for which I do not know as factual – I’ve never done a comparison or even dialed a number on the other phones. But for one moment, I swore (in my mind) I knew every single feature of the iPhone as though I wrote the blueprints – back when they were inked on a napkin at a juice bar in the 90s up in Silicon Valley next to a guy named Steve. How could anything trump the iPhone I ask? It’s Apple, geez.

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Crying and the sweet sound of music

After a quick airplane ride to Hawaii recently, I observed just how quickly we have jumped from the plight of the overly-endowed passenger (i.e., spillage of their bodies into our seat space) to the trials and tribulations of defensive moms and dads who often need to take little ones along a flight.  From the instant these poor parents board the plane they realize their vulnerability to stares, head-shaking, sneers, or even being subject to complaints to the captain (the guy driving the plane)! The problem? Their sweet babies are not very fond of flying and love to verbalize it!

But…”WE HAVE NO WHERE TO GO” – no place to rock the baby!  Hard to believe, but that’s what parents say bugs them the most. True, we haven’t built a special on-board annex for screaming children yet, but moms,  give it time – the airlines have been put on notice by agitated passengers to DO SOMETHING, please!  I don’t know…maybe ‘adding on’ is the answer to the mile-high baby crisis.

I must admit though, I am NO fan of getting my seat kicked – over and over while dad sits there with X’s for eyes ignoring Junior’s romp into doing what ever the heck Junior wants.
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