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The big daddy of blogging.

I heard one lady whisper to another lady… “what’s a blog?”

Hearing that, I knew I had to listen to every word of the discussion. I slid my hair behind my ear, looked busy, and kept quiet. I love, love hearing people mess up words and conversations over things they don’t know. Yes, I know, it’s mean…but still, I get a kick. With confidence and poise, the lady stated that blogs were online diaries where someone writes about their husband and kids and then sticks it up on a website. The other lady smiled and nodded, letting out an agreeing “oooooooh”.

While the ladies had it half-right, It did make me pause and wonder how long we have been inventorying this crazy life around us – meticulously documenting and blogging our personal rantings for total strangers, all-the-while allowing, and invi...

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How guilty are thy pleasures….

Oh Lordy… guilty pleasures...such sinful words. But yet a perfect description for some of our most secret likes! There is a sense of guilt around pleasures you know, hence the name. Maybe it’s the word itself, perhaps it screams too “private” or too embarrassing or too sexy. Maybe we have completely misunderstood the true simplicity.
But here, anything goes!  Guilty pleasures ain’t nothin’ to be embarrassed about and are always worthy of being shared! lol

Here’s a few of my guilties:
Gambling at a casino: I am in love with the sights and sounds of slot machines and endless Black Jack and roulette tables. It’s worth throwing away a hundred bucks for the intensity of playing a couple of hours of Black Jack. I know, that’s why it’s a guilty pleasure! If I am up a few – even better, I plu...

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Greens and veggies, what the heck.

Wow, it’s such a great time to eat. We have discovered so many healthy foods to shine up our hair and skin and make our arteries squeaky clean. Good for us…it’s easier than ever to become fresh-faced and gorgeous all over again, reversing the years with a new colorful bounty of organic veggies. We can just sit back and watch DVR’d episodes of Dr. Oz, learning and lunching guilt-free!
But wait. While this may be awesome news for normal people, it’s only so-so news for the rest of the world that struggles with monster-sized appetites for, well… that other kind of food, you know, the overly-delish stuff which can be found just about EVERYWHERE. And the temptations for such un-healthiness have proven nearly impossible to resist!

Sadly, there are tons of us hungry and snacky-types around...

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So many reasons to fall in love…

Far be it from me to cause a stir, but sometimes the truth has to be spoken, and it should be out loud without fear of repercussion. After all, we live in America, no one should shake in their boots afraid to speak out, right? I’m talking about a very serious and controversial topic….our personal computer choices. To be more specific, PC versus Mac and the sensitivities over which one is better, which company makes the baddest unit, the fastest, coolest, etc. This isn’t a commercial, or a dog/versus cat person thing, it’s just that we all use them, and in all honesty there is truly a clear winner and it cannot be denied...

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Movin’ on is OK

You’ve considered it for a while, your mind, body, and soul have collectively said, ‘we’re ready’. And God knows you’ve pondered it long enough…and now the time has come to say seee-yaaaaa to someone in your life! Maybe permanently, maybe just for now, but damn something’s gotta give.

If only it was just sticking a tongue out

The circle of people in your life can be profound, so full, and seemingly endless at times. So many of them we love – some of them dearly and deeply. We adore them and need them, but deep within the circle of humans that make up our world there is that one person that has been delivering an unhealthy dose of toxicity directly into our veins… and sometimes doing it with glee! Your little pain in the neck may be the ex-turned-friend (a little more into the benefits

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Christmas cards are so yesterday.

Family is family during the holidays

Hello, where have all the Christmas cards gone? Was it the switch from Christmas to Holiday that did them in? Did this cause us to pause or say forget it altogether?

Or did we just take all the fun out of it – changing things that work into things over-complicated. We went from store-bought Hallmark to fancy must-have photo cards. We’re now a bit compelled to arrange a photo shoot, match white shirts with faded jeans, and pay for pedicures all around. We drag everyone to the beach and bring in a Photoshop expert for holiday photo perfection! It’s just too much.

Expensive endeavor but I still like getting photo cards.

Nonetheless, I love getting and giving Christmas cards...

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Use your charming personality to get the job!

“Boring, dull, bland, quiet, crazy, loud, rambling, and just a bit strange.”

She took a call and lost the job.

If you’ve ever been in a hiring role, you’ve probably found yourself muttering at least one of the above words immediately following an interview! Over the years I have had the opportunity to interview many candidates. I have observed outlandish make-up, twitches, spacey stare-offs, red faces, odd-ball body noises — and atrocious attire.  A woman once took a call from her mother on her cell phone smack in the middle of an interview.
Truth is, there are very distinct behaviors that job-seekers do that ruin their chances, regardless if their resume glows or shoots out fireworks. Of course there are a lot of great tips out there, but they don’t hit home enough! Most articles ignor...

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Can YOU stop sweating the small stuff?

Ever notice that some people around you are fussy and controlling? Of course you have, and it might even you! 

Her body language screams "something's not going my way"

Well, I have just committed myself no longer sweating the small stuff. Yes, it’s true…I gave it up mostly because I discovered it’s a fruitless, ridiculous endeavor. Not to mention it’s a very negative topic, but I think it is turning epidemic.
While acting fussy may get you what you want, or give you extra attention, there is no denying –– it is annoying. It won’t fix anything, it won’t solve anything , and it’s not a very attractive attribute for a forward-thinking, smart woman, no matter the age. Being fussy and controlling is for babies and old ladies — both of which I am not!  lol

While you may be doubting tha...

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Rise up, wake up and let’s protest

It’s a beautiful fall day in San Diego. Living a few miles away from the coast I know what a few of us are doing today. Jogging along the beach, kayaking in the harbor, picnicking with the family, and mostly just enjoying life in this great town. But something else is going on.

Twenty-five miles south of me there are protesters covering the streets, camping out near City Hall acting out their 1st Amendment rights with a full-on protest. You know the one, they call it “Occupy Wall Street”, a grass-roots movement formed in New York several weeks ago.

Up until now I hadn’t paid close attention to this particular uprising against corporate greed and corruption, so I forced myself to tune in to understand the latest developments, I admit, I was a bit amused over one of the signs carried by...

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Ode to X-ers, Y-ers, and Boomers

She loves being a boomer.

Oh geez, I just found out today I might be a Baby Boomer. It sounds very senior. I decided to take an up close look into “boomer living” to see if my concept of boomerhood is accurate.
What exactly is a boomer? There are wildly differing opinions on the qualifications. Of course, no woman wants to be labeled as such, sounds a little like an ol’ post-war lady! But that’s not exactly the case.

According to the experts, baby boomers are babies that grew up between the years 1960 and 1970s. There are approximately 79 million boomers in the US (according to, and 29% of our population are boomers. That’s a big number! Boomers are a special generation (according to the census bureau) born post WWII where there was a significant birth boom (i.e...

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Lie down meetings and self-awareness

Yay for me… I work in the corporate environment in my 50s with no end in site.  Not a bad deal, but lately I think I have become severely two-faced on the job.  On one hand, I fully enjoy the ritual of a paycheck showing up twice a month, right? But it’s the strings that get me. Such as doing the right thing repeatedly, being the ultimate corporate citizen

Livin' the office life

exemplifying a necessary “business persona”.  Like a soldier going off to war, I persevere regardless of my mood or the toughness of the task ahead. I wear business clothes and high heels, carry around a notepad to look prepared, and take part in non-stop meetings about the best ways to test pee (yes, pee). I keep my calm, listen to others, study up, nod my head at the right times and avoid arguments.

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Friends and words

I have recently noticed an influx of new ‘sayings’. I don’t know who starts them, but I certainly love interjecting one into the system. When my word finally gets used, I get very full of myself. YES! I say — someone is testing it out.
“Bugaboo” is one of my words. I heard it several years ago from a guy who was presenting on stage at a sales meeting and I stole it. He only used it once in his speech (very smart), but still, I got very excited. I know most of you have stolen a word and made it your own. It’s very much okay because no one can verify where the hell it came from. Just make sure you roll it out with little fanfare, and own it!
With each new circle of people I get to know, I unleash bugaboo. “There’s just one bugaboo in that process…” I say...

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You are here.

Lately, I have found a major shift in how we think, and in a good way. Everything from how and where we spend, what we’re cooking dinner  – to new ways of marketing our home businesses; the tools for communication are red hot, and talking about it has never been easier. Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts have given us incredible jumping boards to more information.
So — yes, you are here! And, thanks for joining me. I have come to realize that there is expert in all of us, and we are ready and happy to share that with our peers. Regardless of how old you are or what your background is, we can learn from each other in ways that are simple and straightforward. 50sFab is part satire, part how-to, but more importantly it will grow into vital discussions about life as a 50-something and above...

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