Please don’t wear high heels

We’ve hit an all time high — when it comes to high heels that is. They are getting taller and spikier and more awesome, but beware; the authorities are putting out warnings. They say we should stop wearing them. The more you wear them the more they will “alter the anatomy of the calf muscles and tendons”. Shit, the experts are more worried than ever.  And women everywhere are tripping all over the place. Sprains, breaks, bunions, hammertoes, and even nerve damage, it’s awful, and I mean that.

Unfortunately, I do not give a flying fig. My opinion is driven solely by how great high heels look (see shoe pic)! The sex appeal is hard to ignore, in fact I have seen chunky ankles suddenly look slimmer when adorned by 3-4″ heels.  I have even seen a few chunky-styled ladies look sleeker and more pulled together, even taller. The shorties become lean hotties and the tall gals become sexy skyscrapers.

According to, men are turned on by beautiful feet, especially if they are around a size 5. Ha-ha, size 5. Sure, in the land of Cheetos and Mexican food, we are NOT wearing size five anymore, so sorry med guru, your study sounds crazy. In fact, what’s widely known as the best set-up for below-the-ankle-hell-on-heels-perfection is black patent leather peep toe, 4″ heels, red toenail polish. also mentioned one other study of interest. It said one-third of men judge a woman and analyze her personality based on the state of her feet. OMG. I am going to be watching every man’s eyes from now on, “I’m up here buddy!”

Women now have even more choices to make, they can either adhere to the severe safety warnings and slip on the wedges or flats, covering up their feet entirely or live dangerously by adding pure fab to her look by puttin’ on the high heels (I vote for the latter).

Make sure you buy the kind with the trendy platform, it makes all the difference. : )