Living life out on the social stage

When I think about getting older I often think about my Dad who will be 79 in a few months. He’s a bit of a Jack Lalanne type. Spends much of his time working out at the gym, walking on the beach and playing his horn. Recently he said, “I play pool with guys that are in their 50s. And by the way, they aren’t so 50s fab.” This made me laugh. “They are more like 50s-flabby, dad-lowresflubby, farty, and frustrated. Then he asks..”what’s wrong with your generation?”
I had to stop and think about this. Then I pulled up Facebook and I saw my answers…the big reveal! Clarification in all forms and flavors. A cavalcade of aches, pains, trials and tribulations, begging for my attention – waiting for a ‘like’, a comment, anything. Is this what we have become? And these are people I know and love, or used to know, and used to love, now it seems some are a scant image of their old self. And their cry isn’t good reading. It chimes of loneliness cying out to social media for someone to take a listen, take an interest…on a stage that’s right at their fingertips. I don’t remember these guys as complainers. And I don’t like seeing old school chums and family friends..asking for attention…using their ‘wall’ to evoke a little controversy…enough, really.
Why load everyone up with this? Seems we have enough drama and stupidity circulating our lives for God’s sakes… it’s not very cool, and not too “social” either… it’s just one big drag for readers. Somehow I am not feeling too social right now. Maybe I’ve been too sour and not checked in enough with friends that need a little love. Maybe I need redo the way I see things and lighten up a bit.
Turns out my Dad Joe was onto something. Not a guy that notices and comments on too much of life’s upside-down idiosyncrasies but his perspective of our generation is pretty right on. It’s amazing to have your dad alive and well and commenting on stuff that makes you stop and take a listen. Thanks Dad…always teaching.

Greens and veggies, what the heck.

Wow, it’s such a great time to eat. We have discovered so many healthy foods to shine up our hair and skin and make our arteries squeaky clean. Good for us…it’s easier than ever to become fresh-faced and gorgeous all over again, reversing the years with a new colorful bounty of organic veggies. We can just sit back and watch DVR’d episodes of Dr. Oz, learning and lunching guilt-free!
But wait. While this may be awesome news for normal people, it’s only so-so news for the rest of the world that struggles with monster-sized appetites for, well… that other kind of food, you know, the overly-delish stuff which can be found just about EVERYWHERE. And the temptations for such un-healthiness have proven nearly impossible to resist!

Sadly, there are tons of us hungry and snacky-types around. We lurk, we lie, we do everything we can do not to let on that we have a bottomless pit that wants and needs a hit of food most hours of our day (and it ain’t peas and carrots).

Of course we love the veggies, we learn about the veggies and we try the veggies, but endless salads and juicing can only suffice for so long before we slink into the darkness and eat our hearts out with Cheetos. Sad, but true. We love to play games with our addiction, telling ourselves that calories do not count on birthdays, on Tuesdays, and on that oddball leap year day. We – them – or any one else who relates to this – is no more than a good ‘ol American compulsive overeater with no resolve in sight…living in the shadows of our healthy-minded cousins who eat veggies 4x a day with ease. For the rest of us, a bad day at the office, a break-up, or even a couple glasses of wine can cause a whirlwind date with a super-duper-sized bowl of bad carbs . We want to sip on greenish drinks and munch on quinoa, but we have a little bug inside of us that won’t let us do it, leaving us to go rogue, all the while whispering in our ear that we can go back to eating clean first thing in the morning. We’d like to kill the bug, but we don’t know how. And God forbid we tell anyone about our problem or that pesky little bug we have. We just aren’t ready to ‘out’ ourselves to the world yet, ha ha.

So, what about you? Do you have this sucky problem? Do you have that little nasty bug in your body, creeping around telling you what to do and how to do it? Do you have expensive juicers on your counter kicking back on hiatus? Are you in love with Cheetos? Do you convince yourself that low-fat frozen yogurt piled with a half a pound of nuts and crunched up Reese’s peanut butter cups are healthy? (Ha ha, I’ve done that!) If so, you have company. So, please share your story! Tell the others that they we NOT alone. lol

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Don’t pop your gum…it bugs my new disease

OMG. We have a fancy new medical condition and it’s all the rage! And I do mean rage since this is the reaction of those who’ve contracted it. It’s called Misophonia. And I lied, it’s not that fancy, it sucks if you have it. Nonetheless, some people can’t help but go nuts when they hear certain noises like the pop/smack of gum chewing, the slurping of a cup of coffee, the err-err sound of throat clearing, even nose blowing or simple breathing can be huge triggers. It sucks to know we may have another disorder to add to the list doesn’t it?
But it’s true, and now you might be wondering… do I have it? So, read on, and decide. Bottom line, Misophonia is an intense sensitivity to certain bodily sounds that come from certain people that we may be close to (mother, husband,etc.). And the disease attacks victims young, even kids eight years old! A lot of adults have it pretty bad, even Kelly Ripa has it, she says she wants to scream and go crazy when the triggers show up, and most of them are derived from her very own hubby.  Example: Husband is innocently enjoying a meal, but suddenly, and inadvertently, begins tapping his spoon lightly, and repeatedly against his soup bowl, happily slurping down the soupy juices.
But Kelly can’t help but react, and not in a happy way. She has, however, learned to control it by getting far, far away from the sounds, and far from the intense irritation it causes. The noises are so amplified for Misophonia people, even shallow  breathing can cause a full fledged outburst attack. Crazy right? It is, but for me — I now have a name to such an annoying condition that I have unknowingly dealt with over the years. Turns out I am super sensitive to these kinds of noises. I have known myself to plug my ears in work meetings just to make the chalkboard-scratching sounds stop! The coffee slurping and hard swallows literally vibrate endlessly through my body, blocking out other sounds and voices. I know of many a work meeting where a former boss swallowed her decaf deep and hard. The painfully long, slow slurps echoed through the room placing what seemed to be a stranglehold on my nerves, carrying on long after the coffee went cold. Innocent (but loud) gum-chewers are big time triggers too and can definitely stress out a Misophonia sufferer without them even realizing the depths of the irritation they cause.
Clearly it’s a bummer especially when there is no real treatment for it besides grin and bear. But now you know and now you’ve got a name. So yeah, you’re NOT crazy, just know that you should never get on a plane without ear plugs or an iPod with lots of music (major triggers, lol) especially if you think you have it or are slowly getting it.