Are you just somebody that I used to know..?

Wandering the aisles of the book store… sipping ice coffee – and just like that, he pops into your head. For no reason…without a cause – he is there. Yeah, it’s your “ex”… the one that got away, and he has returned, in all his glory, hoping to hang around your brain for the day.

More handsome than you remember… makes you wonder what the heck went so wrong. Conveniently, it’s all a fog now. Think good times… family and friends, chemistry, security, great company, laughs, that cute crooked smile, oh, and the legs, damn the legs!! (I think my icy-cold Starbucks just gave me brain freeze!) Suddenly we question our silly no-can-do list just as the scent of his Calvin Klein cologne wafts sensually through the air. (We can’t help but ask – have we have been too strict with ourselves, are our rules too crazy?)

Whatever, whatever, all I know is that I do not have a single girlfriend who doesn’t dwell on a guy from the past every once in a while – self included. We think about what could have been. That darn game-changer who melted our hearts, twisted our brain inside-out, and made us go cross-eyed at just the thought of him. We routinely, and annonomously check in on him from time to time, see if he’s alive – figure out his “status” on Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social site that allows peeping without a trail!

Truth is, we fell into love. And with high hopes – we proudly rolled the dice on a promising relationship – but the inherent deal-breakers proved too big, too loud, and too never-ending. Bummer.
Ironically, our fellas are clueless as to the power they possess over our thoughts, our movements, our heart! They leave an imprint on our lives, subsequently popping into our heads – at will – teasing, tantalizing, and terrorizing us! lol
We want to say go away, but our body whispers, come back please.

My close girlfriend recently confided that she doesn’t mind her ex coming and going in her brain, taking up residence in her conscience. “He’s welcome”, she says.  He’s relaxed up there, I enjoy the time together. Ha ha, most of us would rather shoo him away, keeping our head free for more important things in our lives.
Oh well, I guess it’s true what the song says… “now you’re just somebody that I used to know”. Godspeed.