How guilty are thy pleasures….

Oh Lordy… guilty pleasures...such sinful words. But yet a perfect description for some of our most secret likes! There is a sense of guilt around pleasures you know, hence the name. Maybe it’s the word itself, perhaps it screams too “private” or too embarrassing or too sexy. Maybe we have completely misunderstood the true simplicity.
But here, anything goes!  Guilty pleasures ain’t nothin’ to be embarrassed about and are always worthy of being shared! lol

Here’s a few of my guilties:
Gambling at a casino: I am in love with the sights and sounds of slot machines and endless Black Jack and roulette tables. It’s worth throwing away a hundred bucks for the intensity of playing a couple of hours of Black Jack. I know, that’s why it’s a guilty pleasure! If I am up a few – even better, I plug my winnings into the dollar slot machines, drop in the max, and hope for the mother lode.
Social media time waster:
So guilty!! Nothing says lazy Sunday mornings like coffee, Facebook and my MacBook Air. I catch up, I read what the family is up to, type “cute” all over my friends’ grandkid photos and play some Scrabble. It’s fun and it’s awesomely pleasurable! Yeah, I’m super hooked. (Ha ha)
Television: Yes, I like it and I watch it… especially Charlie Sheen in 2 1/2 Men. Charlie with his call girls, maid, and goofy jingles leave me completely content. Even in reruns, “Men” is very funny and makes me laugh out loud. American Idol — my once-a-year musical escape! I pick my early favs, feverishly root for them and watch them develop. In the end, it’s a musical variety extravaganza. I love it. The Bachelorette Show. I like what I like, and I love, love this two hours of crazy-ass antics set  in far-away places. A plethora of love-fueled drama at it’s best!
Buttered popcorn at the movies: Nothing is more fabulous than watching a pimply-face youngster fill up a cardboard bucket with fresh, hot, fake-buttery popcorn. The sounds, the scents, the anticipation…I feel like I am seven years old, clinging to my brother and sister about to take in big screen Disney. Awesome stuff.

Shopping for new make-up, new lingerie, and new high heels: Uh, acquiring this particular trio is the ultimate of all shopping trips. Hormones are flowin’ for days knowing these items are in my grasp. The more expensive, the higher the adrenaline. New dark MAC eyeliner and shadow, sexy summer white, lacy lingerie and the steamiest summer high heels is all it takes to elevate a girl’s mood.
Giving out a few bucks to a homeless person: There is no tax advantage and no one to pat you on the back. But who cares. I am guilty to giving out a few bucks or buying fast food for a sign-holding homeless person, without judgment or questions. Just load them up with a full-fledged super-sized Jack in the Box burger deal, hand it over, and the smile on their face will turn your entire body into jello. The few minutes it takes to do this, lasts the rest of your day, and then some. It’s is the best feeling of all.

Guilty pleasures come in all forms, but one thing is for sure, they definitely breathe energy into our lives. So what are your favorite pleasures? You have them – and you should talk and share about them, and you can do it here!

Wrinkles and age spots – just get rid of them!

Dr. Oz isn’t wrong very often…and for this one, the proof is in the pudding – or rather, the vegetables. From the lovely ladies in Korea who have all the ancient secrets to awesome skin.

Age spots: get a cup of rice (white or brown) – rinse it well and keep the water. Dip your wash cloth into the milky looking water and gently wash your face with it, keeping it on without rinsing. Once a week is all you need, and the dark spots should go away within a month. And it’s not limited to the face, dab it on the top of the hands, chest, legs, etc.
Don’t just try it once, you must keep this regime going for full effectiveness.  Nice to know we don’t have to live with creepy age spots anymore!

Okra mask gets rid of wrinkles, really?
Fresh from from the wrinkle-free gals of Zimbabwe — get some fresh okra (4-5 of them) and boil for 15 min., then mash it all up to a gooey green slimy texture.
Apply the green goo to your face and leave on for 20 minutes. Viola! Smoother skin. Use once a week, or when you want a quick fix to little wrinkles. : )

I tell myself all the time, Photoshopping wrinkles away only works as a short term plan. : )

When a man loves a woman and/or when a woman thinks she loves a woman.

She may be telling you she has a crush on you. Oh my.

Keep a close eye on flirtatious nail ladies.

This will sound a little presumptive (and it is), but I’m guessing that if you are a woman over 40 you have probably had a woman crush at least once in your life. Maybe you’ve kept it secret, or maybe you have talked openly about it – or maybe you are just flat out embarrassed about it and threw it in the vault a long time ago. Conversely, it may be safe to say that maybe you have also had a woman crushing on you!
It’s not so uncommon, in fact, right now I have one.  She hails from a very unlikely place… my nail shop. Her name is Ann, she wears a white doctor’s coat and she does my mani/pedi…UGH!
For God’s sake, she is my nail lady!
She definitely knows how to lay down the shellac and chick flirt at the same time (blush)!  And while I’m no stranger to flipping my hair and flirting from time to time – damn if I’ve ever done that with a woman! So when she quietly buffs my nails and slowly looks up to say, “you make me so happy” I just want to cut and run next door to the grocery store and hide behind the yams for a while.
After my last visit I realized I can’t go to my shop again. A goobery-faced Ann picked up my hand and awkwardly held it for 5 seconds too long as I was was trying to exit. So now I have to migrate to a new shop, maybe in another city… and fast!

What about you? Have you ever had a crush on another woman? Can you admit it? What have you done when a lady friend is sweet on you? lol I’d love to know.

Hail to the Academy Awards

I just watched the Academy Awards. I love all those sexy designer dresses, the ‘doos’, the old movie clips and hearing corny jokes. But really, I’d like to say what no one else is saying, or has said so far. Can these people be any more egotistical? With open mind, I’m seeing crowds and cameras going crazy, and level-headed Americans going nuts NOT over engineers, scientists, teachers or surgeons, but over actors… people who pretend for a living.  Take away the money, take away the clothes and clear away the make-up and fame, we have regular people who have become insanely rich over acting. How did this happen? They are not heros serving in Iraq or teaching 4th graders Algebra, YET we decided to create a ritual where we roll out the red carpet for them, literally, year after year.
What is wrong with us?

Not to beleaguer the point or spew that that is so negative, humble they are NOT, and they should be! They pretend to keep the plight of the homeless, unemployed, the foreclosed upon and the occupiers in the news, but they don’t.
So how is it that they have the heart to strut down a red carpet knowing tons of families are toughing it out trying to get work and paying $4.40 a gallon for gas? I realize it’s not their fault or their worry, but I thought their mantra was sensitivity – and bringing awareness to the downtrodden, the poor and the undocumented (yes, I said that).

Not that they DON’T do their own political grandstanding, because they DO — but I would have loved to see just one red-carpet non-thinking mannequin BOYCOTT the Hollywood hoopla in the name of a bad times, a crappy economy, deadly tornados, and high unemployment. (I would have given them a lot of respect.)

This one gets a big WTF.

Use your charming personality to get the job!

“Boring, dull, bland, quiet, crazy, loud, rambling, and just a bit strange.”

She took a call and lost the job.

If you’ve ever been in a hiring role, you’ve probably found yourself muttering at least one of the above words immediately following an interview! Over the years I have had the opportunity to interview many candidates. I have observed outlandish make-up, twitches, spacey stare-offs, red faces, odd-ball body noises — and atrocious attire.  A woman once took a call from her mother on her cell phone smack in the middle of an interview.
Truth is, there are very distinct behaviors that job-seekers do that ruin their chances, regardless if their resume glows or shoots out fireworks. Of course there are a lot of great tips out there, but they don’t hit home enough! Most articles ignore some of the most vital parts of the process.

If you are looking for a job today – in this pathetic market, please take note – every detail matters.
Phone screens – Each day you respond to online job ads sending out several resumes a day. The phone rings and you are hoping it’s one of them, calling you to interview on the phone.  Never-ever answer this call! Let it go to voicemail,  you need a few minutes to prepare and gather information. I have made these initial calls to applicants and they answer their phone confused and disheveled, as if to say “who are you?”.  So don’t make this mistake! Take the time to gather up your thoughts and your info — have the company website up and the job description front and center. You are now prepared to call back with your best foot forward.
In-person interviews – If they call you back and set up an interview you must prepare to win them over. Your expertise, education, creativity, and pulsating personality can help achieve this. You might want to underline “personality” as flawless performances put you at the top of the “awesome” list or “bring back” pile.

Remember, your resume and phone screen got you there––
who you are
will help you to stay there.

Interview experts say decisions about YOU are made in a matter of seconds. The meter kicks in with your appearance, first and foremost. Aim to win the team over with your look.  You must dress your best, especially in a professional environment.

Excellent body language speaks volumes.

Women: Wear a suit — pants/jacket / pants/skirt — or jacket over a conservative dress (you get the gist).
Don’t wear a suit that makes you look masculine. Add touches of creativity, and/or femininity, i.e., colorful scarf tucked inside the lapel, or a single piece of jewelry. Your bag (purse) should rock and not scream bling-bling.  Choose one that is tailored, conservative, perhaps expensive looking — if possible. No wild colors to incite a riot!
Ladies should never-ever wear low-cut clothing or a short dress or skirt without nylons. Remember, this isn’t the club — never wear stilettos.

For the guys — dark suit and shoes that match is a must. Make sure your shirt is clean, sharp and current. No dated clothing!
Next –– always turn off the phone! Never-ever fiddle around with your iPhone, iPad, or computer of any kind – it does not make you look cool or important. Have a padfolio with you, a nice leather booklet thingy with paper inside where you can write and take notes.

More than likely his crummy disposition with ruin his chances for the job.

Personality style – Now that your look and style is nailed down, your
personality is what’s really going to matter when interviewing in-person. Hiring managers expect your best foot forward. Be the first to put your hand out for a shake — on the way in and out. Keep a smile on your face and stay TUNED IN to the interviewer. If you have a tendency to drift, come back and stay connected. Listen to all that he/she says, and respond when you can.  Never-ever interrupt and give creative examples of how you would be a great fit for the job and company. Be lively, friendly, make eye-contact and TAKE NOTES. Have questions ready to go! Never stare off, try to ignore outside noises.
Finally, close with tight, relevant questions and ask what the next steps are. Leave with them reflecting on your manners, your appearance, your originality and your sparkling personality. Good luck with your job search.

October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pretty and powerful, a women’s boobs are important real estate! The allure of these two wildly seductive parts of the female body cannot be underestimated.
Through them, we’ve charmed and teased, showing them off with super tight t-shirts and low-cut tops, much to the delight of the gentlemen. There’s little doubt that a healthy-looking set of breasts have superpowers, they have been known to destroy marriages and careers, even contributing to a certain presidential White House quickie!

Nonetheless, we love boobs. Beyond our need to define our sexual identity through boobies, we are reminded of what magnificent and multi-faceted machines they are. This incredible set of mammary glands has the innate ability to feed and nurture our young by producing milk. A woman’s breast milk offers a high-quality source of nutrition, brimming with disease-fighting antibodies. Damn, our boobs are amazing!

Though awesome and sexy, useful and fabulous, our breasts, are especially vulnerable to cancer. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer in women. Today, we serve our breasts in an entirely new way, giving them the care and respect they deserve by protecting and self-testing early, at every turn.
Breast cancer is treatable and survivable for women diligent in understanding their bodies and partnering with their physicians for early preventative care.

Happily––boob-care-diligence has paid off!  In 2010 there were more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors. Did you know that the lady next to you may be a survivor? Moms, sisters, aunties, friends – she fought the fight through chemo, surgery, and hair loss, maybe even mastectomy. To know her is to know the superpower it takes to confront the biggest fight of one’s life. Survivors are beauties! They recovered, got their sexy back, returned to work or school, perhaps had another child. Reinventing her body became her religion – health and wellness, her creed.

To all the ladies who walked the plank and turned it all around – to the chicks dedicated to testing and early treatment, thereby protecting their sexy hooters – a hat’s off to you! Godspeed girls.

Important stats about breast cancer that everyone should know:

  • One in eight women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime
  • 39,840 women in the US were expected to die in 2010 from breast cancer
  • About 70-80% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer

To learn more about the risks of breast cancer:
Breast cancer statistics
Understanding symptoms of breast cancer
Basics of breastfeeding 

Please don’t wear high heels

We’ve hit an all time high — when it comes to high heels that is. They are getting taller and spikier and more awesome, but beware; the authorities are putting out warnings. They say we should stop wearing them. The more you wear them the more they will “alter the anatomy of the calf muscles and tendons”. Shit, the experts are more worried than ever.  And women everywhere are tripping all over the place. Sprains, breaks, bunions, hammertoes, and even nerve damage, it’s awful, and I mean that.

Unfortunately, I do not give a flying fig. My opinion is driven solely by how great high heels look (see shoe pic)! The sex appeal is hard to ignore, in fact I have seen chunky ankles suddenly look slimmer when adorned by 3-4″ heels.  I have even seen a few chunky-styled ladies look sleeker and more pulled together, even taller. The shorties become lean hotties and the tall gals become sexy skyscrapers.

According to, men are turned on by beautiful feet, especially if they are around a size 5. Ha-ha, size 5. Sure, in the land of Cheetos and Mexican food, we are NOT wearing size five anymore, so sorry med guru, your study sounds crazy. In fact, what’s widely known as the best set-up for below-the-ankle-hell-on-heels-perfection is black patent leather peep toe, 4″ heels, red toenail polish. also mentioned one other study of interest. It said one-third of men judge a woman and analyze her personality based on the state of her feet. OMG. I am going to be watching every man’s eyes from now on, “I’m up here buddy!”

Women now have even more choices to make, they can either adhere to the severe safety warnings and slip on the wedges or flats, covering up their feet entirely or live dangerously by adding pure fab to her look by puttin’ on the high heels (I vote for the latter).

Make sure you buy the kind with the trendy platform, it makes all the difference. : )